What to wear for a professional portrait photography session

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What to wear for a professional portrait photography session

I get asked this question a lot: What do I wear to my professional portrait photography session? Most people don’t sit for a portrait very often, so knowing how to dress can be a quandary.

However, I honestly don’t have a preference about what you wear – I can work with almost any outfit, any color, any accessory. As long as you are dressed professionally — with neatly ironed clothing – I can work with almost any attire.

But I do have a few “favorite things” that will make your professional portrait photography session easier and more polished – while still focusing on what makes you, you.

That said, I can work with what clothing makes YOU comfortable and shows your wonderful and individual personality!


When choosing a shirt or dress, the most important thing to consider is the neckline. Don’t wear a big turtleneck or a too-tight collar – or a too loose collar for that matter. And ladies, skip the cleavage revealing top. For men, I don’t think a tie is always necessary for a professional portrait photography session, but it should be neatly tied and fit well.


I have a preference for shirts and dresses that have sleeves – long-sleeves. I find too much skin can distract from your face in a portrait photography session and also, even if you have very thin or toned arms, they don’t always appear that way in images.


I personally love jewelry and if you wear it normally, definitely wear it to your professional portrait photography session! Very large necklaces and earrings can be a bit distracting, so I do tend to recommend smaller pieces. However, if you are known for your statement necklaces, wear them!

As for glasses, I get asked this a lot. If you wear glasses, wear glasses in your images. It’s a part of who you are and I can work with angles to eliminate glare.


Bold colors that work with your skin and hair tones are the best for your professional portrait photography session. I don’t generally recommend prints, because I think they can appear to busy and compete with your face for control of the image, but if you are a bold pattern person, don’t shy away.

The bottom line is, I want my clients to feel comfortable and as much like themselves as possible. These are my suggestions only – I trust my clients to choose outfits that will bring out their personality and flair.

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