Are You Publicity Ready?

Are You Publicity Ready?

If you were being recognized for a worthy achievement, do you have publicity photos?
If asked to send in a headshot, are you publicity ready?
In a world of social media and a camera being everywhere, are you publicity ready?
Do you consider yourself a savvy professional?

Hopefully the answers are all YES!
If not, let’s talk.

For those who may not know me, I am Shellee Fisher
Professional image maker
Visual documentarian
Visual brand expert
Persona specialist
Any which way you cut it, I am a photographer.

I help savvy professionals create the perfect headshot for publicity and promotional purposes, as well as, produce business imagery for your marketing portfolio representing your personal style and professional brand through the lens of my camera. Skill, creativity and attention to detail are my strengths. What I believe very deeply is that “Image is everything and Imagery Sells”.

Photography is my passion and my art form. Bringing out your natural beauty in portraiture, creatively documenting events to memorialize their success and producing marketing imagery to promote you and your business is what I do and what I do best. I contribute to your success through imagery.

I come from a family of creatives, specifically photographers. Some who are hobbyist and a few professional. I wanted to go to photography school in NY after high school but in that day and age, photography was not a worthy career. But after 40 years, the non-relevant Masters degree, 3 businesses, 1 ex-husband and 2 children, I finally embarked on my life’s dream of being a professional photographer 9 years ago…

Currently, I am unavailable for headshots in Columbus. Please use Contact with Questions.